Circulatory System

No. Blood       
1. Blood is a fluid tissue.
2. It is made up of two main components i.e. fluid plasma and blood cells.
3. Plasma contains Serum, fibrinogen, albumin, globulin, glcose, fats, amino acids, heparin, hormones, vitamins etc.
4. Fibrinogen and clotting factors are absent in Serum.
5. Blood cells are three types i.e. Erythrocytes(RBCs), Leucocytes(WBCs) and Thrombocytes(Platelets).
6. Blood transports Oxygen from the Lungs to the tissues and transports Carbon dioxide from tissues to the lungs.
7. It transports metabolic wastes to the Lungs, Kidneys, Skin and Intestine.
8. The plasma proteins of blood maintains the hydrogenation concentration of the circulating fluid.