Blood Groups

No. Blood Groups       
1. The system of grouping the blood into A, B, O was discovered by Karl Landsteiner in 1931. He won Nobel Prize for his work.
2. White blood cells produces antibodies in reponse to foreign substance, antigen.
3. Antigens are two types i.e. Antigen A and Antigen B.
4. Antibodies are two types i.e. Antibody A and Antibody B.
5. Antigens are present in the red blood corpuscles.
6. Antibodies are present in the Plasma.
7. Group A blood contains Antigen A and Antibody B.
8. Group B blood contains Antigen B And Antibody A.
9. Group AB blood contains Antigen A and B and does not contain any antibody.
10. Group O blood contains no Antigen and contains both Antibody A and B.