Digestive System

No. Enzymes       
1. Salivary glands in mouth secrete Amylase and Ptyalin enzymes.
2. Amylase and Ptyalin enzymes act on Starch and Proteins.
3. Ptyalin enzyme converts starch into Maltose and dextrin.
4. Amylase enzyme converts starch into Maltose.
5. Gastric glands in stomach secrete pepsin.
6. Pepsin enzyme breakdowns proteins.
8. Pepsin Enzyme secreted by Gastric glands converts proteins into peptones.
9. Renin Enzyme secreted by Gastric glands converts milk protein into curd.
10. Lipase enzyme secreted by the Gastric gland converts fats into fatty acids.
11. Intestinal glands in the small intestine secrete erepsin, maltase, lactase and sucrase which acts on peptides, maltose, lactose and sucrose respectively.
12. Maltase enzyme converts Maltose into Glucose.
13. Intestinal lipase acts on emulsified fats and converts them into fatty acids and glycerol.
14. Bile juice secreted by the liver acts on fats.
15. Invertase enzyme converts sucrose into Glucose and Fructose.