No. Fats-Energy
1. Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen are the elements in fat molecules. Oils, Butter, Ghee, Milk etc., are the sources of fats. Deficiency of fats causes weakness and dullness.
2. Fat molecule consists three molecules of fatty acid and one molecule of glycerol.
3. Fats are not soluble in water but soluble in ether and carbon tetrachloride.
4. Lipase enzyme acts on fats and converts them into fatty acid and glycerol.
5. One gram of fat gives 37 kilo Joules energy on decomposition.
6. Most of the fatty acids are synthesized by our body.
7. Some of the fatty acids cannot be synthesized by our body. They are called essential fatty acids.
8. Fatty acids are two types i.e. saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids.