Respiratory System

No. Cellular Respiration       
1. In respiration energy is produced by the oxidation of glucose. This process occurs in cells. Hence it is called cellular respiration.
2. Cellular respiration takes place in Mitochondria.
3. Mitochondria are the energy producing centres in the cell.
4. The produced energy is stored in mitochondria in the form of ATP. That is why mitochondria are called “power houses of cell”.
5. One ATP molecule gives 7200 calories of energy.
6. Inner compartment of Mitochondria is called Matrix. Matrix is surrounded by two membranes.
7. Inner membrane of Matrix produces projections into the matrix. These projections are called cristae.
8. Elementary particles are present on the cristae. Elementary particles have large number of respiratory enzymes.
9. Glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell.
10. Glycolysis is the first in respiration. In glycolysis glucose is converted into two molecules of pyruivic acid.
11. Krebs cycle occurs in the Matrix. In kreb's cycle Acetyl coenzyme -A is attached to oxaloacetic acid. This results formation of citric acid.
12. Electron transport occurs in the cristate.