Respiratory System

No. Respiratory System        
1. Respiration is the process of oxidation of food substances in the body to release energy.
2. Respiration through lungs is called pulmonary respiration. It takes place in Mammals. Birds and Reptiles.
3. Respiration through Gills is called Bronchial respiration. It takes place in fishes and Todpole larva of Frog.
4. Respiration through skin is called cutaneous respiration Respiration through skin takes place in earthworm, leech and salamanders. Haemoglobin is present in the plasma of blood in Earthworm. Coelomic fluid is present in Earthworm.
5. Respiration through tracheal tubes is called tracheal respiration. It takes place in cockroach. The colour of blood of Cockroach is white. There are 10 pairs of Stigma in Cockroach.
6. Respiration takes place through diffusion in Amoeba, paramoecium and Euglena.
7. In Frog, Earthworm and Salamander respiration takes place through the skin. In Frog glands on the skin secrete mucus. Frogs jump into water to keep skin wet and moist.
8. In frog respiration also takes place through lungs.
9. Cutaneous respiration takes place in Earthworm. Its skin has a large number of blood vessels.
10. Lungs are the chief respiratory organs in mammals.
12. The gas exchange between blood and respiratory organs is called External respiration.
13. The gas exchange between blood and cells is called Internal Respiration.
14. The parts of respiratory system in human beings are:
a) Nostrils b) Nasal Cavities c) Pharynx d) Larynx e) Trachea f) Lungs g) Diaphram
15. Oral cavity is separated from Nasal cavity by a bony plate called plate.
16. Pharynx is the common passage for food and air.
17. Larynx is called voice box.
18. Epiglottis prevents food from entering into Larynx. It acts as a lid over Glottis. It closes the opening of the Larynx during swallowing.
19. Glottis is a slit like opening through which pharynx is connected to Larynx.
20. Larynx opens into Trachea.
21. Trachea is called wind pipe.
22. Cartilagenous rings are present in trachea of man.
23. The trachea divides into two tubes called branchi in thoracic cavity. Bronchi again divides into bronchioles.
24. In Lungs Oxygen in the air enters into blood and Carbondioxide leaves from blood.
25. Rate of respiration in newly born children is 32 times per minute.
26. Diaphragm plays a major role in respiratory movements.
27. Medulla in the brain regulates respiration.