Indian Geography-Location

No. Location
1. India is located between 8o 4' and 37o 6' north latitudes and 68o 7' and 97o 25' east longitudes.
2. The total length of land frontier of India is 15,200 kms.
3. There are 28 States and 7 Union territories in India.
4. The sun rises first in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
5. Nepal is called as Himalayan kingdom.
6. Palk Strait separates India from Sri Lanka.
7. Mac Mohan Line divides India from Chaina.
8. Out of 247 islands of India 223 lie in the Bay of Bengal.
9. Gulf of Mannar and palk strait separates India from Srilanka.
10. The time difference between Greenwitch and the Indian standard Time is 5 1/2 hours.
11. The boundary line between India and Pakistan is Rad Cliff Line.
12. The state which has three sides water is Tamil Nadu.
13. The countries which have boundaries with India are China, Pakistan, Nepal, Afganistan, bangladesh and Mynmar.
14. 0 degree longitude is called Greenwitch.
15. The name India derived from the river Indus.
16. The country which had longest boundary with India is China.
17. The distance between east to west of India is 3,000 kms.
18. The name 'Bharat" Diginated after the name of the great ruler Bharat.
19. The previous name of Mynmar is Burma.
20. The distance between North to South of India is 3200.
21. Tibet is called as roof of world.
22. The Northern boundary of India is Himalayas.
23. The Bey of Bengal located on East of India.
24. The Arabiam sea located on West of India.
25. The state in which the sun rises last is Gujarat.
26. The biggest river in India is Ganga.
27. The total length of coastal line of India is 6100 kms.
28. Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Godavari, Krishna and Cauvery are the major rivers in India.
29. The Indian Ocean is the southern boundary of India.
30. Jammu and Kashmir state has separate capitals for summar and winter.
31. Tropic of Cancer runs through India.
32. The boundary line between India and Afganistan is Durand Line.
33. The pamban Island is located between India and Srilanka.
34. Rajastan is the largest state in India.
35. Punjab and Haryana states have joint capital.
36. The total number of Coastal States in India is 9.
37. Lakshadweep is the smallest uniom territory in India.
38. 7 countries share boundary with India.
39. The salty marshes located in Rann of Kutch.
40. The nearest island to the equator is The Great Nicobar.
41. India is the seventh largest country in the world in area.
42. The total geographical area of India is 3.28 million
43. The Indian standard time is based on 82 degrees 30' Eastern longitude.
44. Andaman Nicobar islands is the largest Union Territory in India.
45. The important rivers of North India are Ganga and Brahmaputra.
46. Srinagar is the summmer capital of Jammu and Kashmir.
47. Goa is the smallest state India.
48. The length of coastal line of Andhra Pradesh is 972 kms.
49. 247 islands belongs to India.
50. Jammu is the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir.
51. The Island in the eighth degree channel is Minicoy.
52. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Paradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal states have coastal line.
53. Greenwitch is located near London.
54. Kanyakumar is the Southern most tip of India.
55. The lakshadweep islands situated in Arabian Sea.
56. Greenwitch is the world standerd time.
57. Godavar and Krishna are the important rivers of South India.
58. West Bengal, Mizoram, Tripura, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and Meghalaya states have boundaries with Bangladesh.