Indian Geography-Western Ghats

No. Western Ghats
1. The northern part of the Western Ghats is known as Sahyadri Range.
. The Western Ghats begin in Kandesh.
1. Kandesh is in the state of Maharashtra.
2. The Western Ghats run upto Kanya Kumari.
3. The length of Western Ghats is 1600 kms.
4. Palghat, Thalghat, Bhorghat are the important gaps in the Western Ghats.
5. Nilgiri hills join the Sahyadris at Gudalur.
6. The highest peak of the Nilagiris is Dodda Betta.
7. The highest point of Satpura range is in the Mahadeo hills near the Pachmarhi.
8. Annaimudi is the highest peak in the peninsular plateau.
9. Anaimudi is in the state of Kerala.