Natural Vegetation

Natural vegetation is generally classified into three broad categories:
1. Forests in areas of sufficient rainfall and sunshine;
2. Grasslands in regions of moderate rains; and
3. Shrubs in dry regions.
In very cold regions we have tundra vegetation consistingof small shrubs, moss and lichens. There different kinds of forests. They are:
1. Tropical Evergreen Forests
2. Tropical Deciduous Forests
3. Temperate Evergreen Forests
4. Temperate Deciduous Forests
5. Mediterranean Vegetation
6. Coniferous Forests
1. Tropical grasslands
2. Temperate grasslands
Thorny bushes: These are found in the dry desert like regions.
Tundra Vegetation: Only mosses, lichens and very small shrubs are found in the Polar region. These grow during the very short summer. This is called Tundra type of vegetation.