Indian Constitution

No. Disqualifications of Parliament Members
1. As per Article 101 a person can not be a member of both houses of parliament.
2. A person can not be a member of both Parliament and State Legislature.
3. A person is disqualified to become a member of Parliament if he is: not a citizen of India, unsound mind, undischarged insolvent, holds office of profit.
4. If a question of disqualification under Article 102 arises the decision of President is final.
5. President shall obtain the opinion of the Election Commission and shall act accordingly in case of any question arises regarding the disqualification of members under Article 102 of the Constitution.
6. As per Article 99 every member of Parliament shall make Oath before President or some other person appointed by the President. If a person sits or votes as a member before complying the provisions of Article 99 or when he knows that he is disqualified, he shall be liable to a penalty of Rs.500 for every day so sits or votes (article 104).
7. If a member of the Parliament is absent for a period of 60 days without permission his seat may be declared as vacant.