State Legislative Assembly

      State Legislative Assembly-Indian Constitution
No. Legislative Assembly
1. Articles 168 to 213 of Part VI of the Constitutio deal with the provisions regarding the State Legislature.
2. The State Legislature consists governor and both the Houses of the Legislature.
3. Except six States i.e Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh all the States have Unicameral Legislature.
4. The legislative Assembly or Vidhana Sabha consists the members elected by the people.
5. The membership of the Legislative Assembly is between 60 to 500.
6. The person contesting to the membership of the legislative Assembly must be a citizen of India, 25years age, and such other qualifications prescribed by the Act of Parliament.
7. The tenure of the Legislative Assembly is five years from the date of its first session after the general election.
8. The tenure of the Legislative Assembly may be extended for not exceeding six months during the emergency.
9. The Assembly shall hold itd meetings atleast once in a period of six months.
10. The Governor dissolves the Assembly on the advice of the Council of Ministers.