Legislative Council

The upper house of the State Legislature is called Legislative Council or Vidhan Parishad.
Qualifications for contesting the membership of the Legislative Council are: he must be a citizen of India, 30 years of age and other qualifications laid down by the Act of the Parliament.
The Council shall hold its meetings atleast once in a period of six months.
The members holds the membership for six years.
1/3 of the members of the Council gets retired for every two years.
The Legislative Council cannot be dissolved. It is a permanent House.
The minimum membership of the house is 40. The maximum membership of the House is 1/3 of the totoal membership of the Legislative Assembly.
1/6 of the members of the Counci are nominated by the Governor.
1/3 of the members are elected by the Zilla Parishads, Municipalities, Municipal Corporations.
1/3 of the members are elected by the legislative Assembly.
1/12 of the members are elected by teachers.
1/12 of the members are elected by graduates.
The members are elected by the method of proportional representation by means of single transferble vote.
The Legislative Council is created or abolished by the Act of Parliament on the basis of the resolution of the Legislative Assembly.
At present six states have bicameral legislatures i.e Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly). They are: Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.