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Aihole is located in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka state. It is an important tourist centre.

It is a temple complex.

It was an important city during the period of Badami Chalukyas.

The famous Aihole inscription is available at the Meguti Jain temple.

It describes about the victories of famous Badami Chalukya ruler Pulakesi II (610-642 A.D).

The inscription was authored by Ravikirthi, court poet of Pulakeshi II.

Aihole inscription is written in the Sanskrit languague with old Kannada script.

Aihole inscription mentioned the victory of Mangalesha over Kalachuris and the conquest of Revatidvipa.

As per Aihole inscription a civil war took place between Mangalesha and Pulakeshi II when Mangalesha tried to secure the succession of his own son.

The inscription mentioned that the Pallavas attempted to prevent the rise of Badami Chalukyas.