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Indus Valley Civilization Early Vedic Civilization Later Vedic Civilization Buddhism Jainism Persian-Greek Invasions Mauryan Empire Kushans Gupta Empire Harshavardhana Indian Culture Sangam Age Satavahanas Chola Empire Badami Chalukyas Pallavas Rashtrakutas Kalyani Chalukyas Rajputs Muslim Invasions Bahmani Empire Delhi Sultans Mughal Empire Hoysala Kingdom Independent Kingdoms Kakatiyas Kalachuri Kingdom Later Pandyas Marathas Vijayanagara Empire Yadavas Sur Dynasty-Shershah Sikhs Advent of Europeans Revolts Governor Generals British Rule Natonal Leaders Popular Movements Revolutionary Terrorism Rise of Natonalism Viceroys Education-Press Constitutional Developments --%>

Mahayana Buddhism

Mahayana arose out of Mahasanghikas.

They believed the divinity of Buddha.

They gave more importance to faith rather than reason.

The ultimate aim of life was to go to heaven.

They offered prayers to Buddha.

They believed in the worship of Buddha and made his beautiful idols. Sanskrit was the religious language.

They had many religious rituals.

Mahayana had two philosophicial schools. Mahayana had two philosophical schools, the madhyamika and yogachara.

They teaches the salvation for all.

Skhovati is the Mahayana heaven.

They gave prominent place to the Boddhisatvas, who for the great kindness and helped humanity with their own suffering.

It is very popolar in china, Japan,Central Asia and many parts of India.