Ajatashatru was the son of Bimbisara and Challana.

He was appointed as Governor of Anga during the reign of Bimbisara.

Ajatashatru killed his father Bimbisara and ascended the Magadha throne.

He was very ambitious. As per Jain literature he annexed 36 republican states.

He annexed Kasi and Kosala became a part of Magadha Empire. He fortified Rajgriha.

Buddhist texts says that he met Buddha and expressed his remorse for killing his father Bimbisara.

He built a stupa at Kusinagar where Buddha was died.

During the reign of Ajatasatru first Buddhist Council was held at Rajgriha in 487 B.C.

Ajatashatru ruled from 495 B.C to 460 B.C.

After Ajatashatru Udaybhadra ascended the throne.