Sangam Age Cholas

As per Sangam Literature Chola kingdom was the first sovereign kingdom in the Tamilakkam.

The Chola kingdom extended over Cauvery Delta, Arcot to Tiruchinapally and adjacent areas.

Uraiyur was the capital of ancient Chola kingdom.

Cholas rose to prominence under Karikala.

Karikala was the greatest among Sangam Age Cholas.

Karikala established supremacy over Tamilakkam by defeating Pandya and Chera rulers at Kovil Venni.

He built a new capital called Puhar also called Cauverypatnam(port town).

He undertook many welfare activities.

He built a dam across the river Cauvery near Srirangam to provide irrigational facilities.

He invaded Ceylon and brought 12,0000 war prisioners and employed them in building the dam on the river Cauvery.

He patronized Brahmanism.

He patronized literature, art and architecture.

He encouraged foreign trade and industries.

After Karikala, Chola history disappeared and Cheras came into prominence in the Tamilakkam.