Indian History

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Indus Valley Civilization Early Vedic Civilization Later Vedic Civilization Buddhism Jainism Persian-Greek Invasions Mauryan Empire Kushans Gupta Empire Harshavardhana Indian Culture Sangam Age Satavahanas Chola Empire Badami Chalukyas Pallavas Rashtrakutas Kalyani Chalukyas Rajputs Muslim Invasions Bahmani Empire Delhi Sultans Mughal Empire Hoysala Kingdom Independent Kingdoms Kakatiyas Kalachuri Kingdom Later Pandyas Marathas Vijayanagara Empire Yadavas Sur Dynasty-Shershah Sikhs Advent of Europeans Revolts Governor Generals British Rule Natonal Leaders Popular Movements Revolutionary Terrorism Rise of Natonalism Viceroys Education-Press Constitutional Developments --%>


Iltutmish ascended the throne in 1211 A.D. by killing Aram Shah.

Iltutmish was the real founder of the Delhi Sultanate.

He was the slave of Aibak. He was well trained in war and administration.

When Iltutmish ascended the throne, the governors assumed independence.

The rulers of Ghazni, Sind and Bengal did not acknowledge the new rule.

Hence Iltutmish invaded against Yaldoz of Ghazni and defeated at Thaneswar.

He also defeated Khilji chief of Bengal in 1226. Qubacha of Sind was also subdued.

Iltutmish faced the serious threat of the Mongol invasion under the leadership of Chengiz Khan.

Mongols occupied the Khwarizm empire.

Its ruler fled to Caspian Coast and the crown prince Jalaluddin Mangabarni asked Iltutmish to asylum.

But Iltutmish refused to provide shelter and saved from the wrath of Mongols.

The last invasion of Iltutmish was against Banian.

Iltutmish was died due to severe illness on 29th April 1236 A.D.

Iltutmish divided the empire into Iqtas. He set up Chihalgani.

He introduced the Silver Tanka and the Copper Jital.

He introduced purely Arabic coinage.

Iltutmish made Delhi as his capital.

He completed the construction of the Qutb Minar.

He was intolerant towards the Hindus and destroyed the Hindu temples at Bhilsa and Ujjain.

After the death of Iltutmish, Feroz ascended the throne. But ha had no popular support.

Hence Razia Sultana with the support of nobles and soldiers declared herself as Sultana.