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Battle of Chausa

After capturing Chunar Humayun did not fight against Sher Khan but decided to conquer Bengal.

Jalal Khan, son of Sher Khan blocked the road to Gaur.

But Jalal Khan retired after the fighting and Humayun reached Gaur.

Here Humayun wasted time for 8 months in Gaur. During this period sher Khan strengthened his position.

Humayun realized his dangerous position. Hence he started return journey to Agra.

But Sher Khan blocked the road to Agra.

Hence the war was inevitable for Humayun to reach Agra.

Both the armies of Humayun and Sher Khan faced each other. But neither of them started fighting.

The delay was in the interest of Sher Khan.

After three months rains were started and the Mughal camp was flooded.

This created confusion in Mughal armies.

This opportunity was found useful to the Sher Khan and in the Battle of Chausa that took place on 26th June 1539 Sher Khan defeated Humayun.

Humayun saved his life and reached Agra.