Indian History

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Battle of Sirhind

Humayun who lost is territory in India in the battle of Kanauj was waiting for favourable opportunity to reconquer it.

Sher Shah was died in 1545.

Islam Shah, son of Sher Shah was succeeded to the throne and ruled upto 1553.

Islam Shah was succeeded by Muhammad Adil Shah. Adil Shah was a pleasure seeker.

Hence he left all the affairs of the Government into the hands of his minister Hemu.

There was bloody battles among the various rivals in the Sur Empire.

By taking the advantage of the situation Humayun attacked on India.

He occupiedLahore in February 1555.

In March 1555 the battle of Machiwara took place between Humayun and Afghans. Humayun got victory.

In June 1555 Humayun defeated Sikandar Sur in the battle of Sirhind.

Sikandar Sur ran away to Mankot.

Humayun entered into Delhi in July 1555.