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Humayun-Bahadur Shah

Bahadur Shah was the ruler of Gujarat.

He aimed to become emperor of India.

He annexed Multan in 1531, captured Raisin fort in 1532 and defeated the ruler of Chittor in 1533.

With the help of Tartar Khan Bahadur Shah captured Bayana from Mughals.

Bahadur Shah gave shelter to Muhammad Zaman Mirza who escaped from Humayun.

As a result of these activities of Bahadur Shah, Humayun decided to invade against Bahadur Shah.

But at that time Bahadur Shah was busy in fighting with Chittor.

Humayun did not attack Bahadur Shah immediately as he was fighting with non-muslims.

After the fall of Chittor, Humayun proceeded against Bahadur Shah.

Bahadur Shah ran away and took shelter in the fort of Mandu.

Humayun seized the Mandu fort and captured it.

Bahadur Shah ran away to Champanir but it was also captured by Humayun.

Bahadur Shah took shelter in the island of Diu.

By taking the advantage of chaotic situation in Gujarat Bahadur Shah recovered his position and raised powerful army.

Humayun once again recaptured Ahmedabad and appointed his brother Askari as Governor of Gujarat.

As a result of the mismanaged affairs of Gujarat by Askari, local chiefs helped Bahadur Shah to recapture Gujarat.

Mughals lost Gujarat completely in 1536.