Government of India Act 1858

a) The Act declares that "India shall be governed by and in the name of the Queen".

b) The Viceroy to be carried the Government of India on behalf of the Queen.

c) The Court of Directors and the Board of Control were abolished and their powers were delegated to the secretary of state for India.

d) The Indian Council of Secretary of State consists 15 members. Out of 15, 8 were to be appointed by the Crown and 7 were to be elected by the Court of Directors. The Secretary of State to be presided over the meetings of Indian Council.

e) The control over the civil and military servants of the crown was given to the Indian Council.

f) The secretary of state was required to lay every year before the British Parliament a reprot on the progress of India.

g) Indian revenue shoudl not be utilized for military operations outside India without the consent of Parliament.

h) Civil service appointments were to be made by open competition in accordance with rules.