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Third Carnatic War

The seven years war started in Europe in 1756. Consequently, dispute between French and English was started.

The French Government sent Count Lally as the Governor.

Count-de-Lally besieged Madras and ordered Bussy to assist him in Madras.

Recaling Bussy from Deccan was a mistake on the part of Lally.

Bussy advised Lally that his departure would help the British. But Lally did not listen his advice. Having no option Bussy left Hyderabad.

Then Robert clive sent colonel Ford to occupy northern circars.

Ford occupied Northern circars and brought salabat Jung under his control.

Salabat Jung joined with English and gave them Northern Circars.

Lally failed to get Madras.

Lally was defeated by Sir Eyre Coote in the decisive battle of Wandiwash in January 1760.

The Battle of Wandiwash sealed the fate of the French and Bussy was taken as prisoner.

Lally surrendered at Pondicherry in January 1761.

Pandicherry was occupied by the British.

The seven years war in Europe ended in 1763 with the treaty of Paris.

The peace of Paris(1763) restored the French settlements to them and not allowed to fortify them.

As per this treaty Pondicherry was given back to the Freanch. Though, French was ceased to be a Political power in India.

British emerged as supreme power in India.

The three Carnatic wars completely destroyed the chances of establishing the French empire in India.